Life Settlements

Life Settlements benefit a wide range of seniors who want to cash out life insurance as they plan for better retirement and other needs. Some seniors prefer a blend of annuity products, while others want to become completely debt-free. Many seniors do not realize that there are no restrictions on the use of their Life Settlement proceeds. The fact is that they may do as they wish. Policy holders and financial advisors are able to unlock valuable cash resources by entering into a life settlement... More About Life Settlements

Viatical Settlements

Viatical settlements help make your tough choices easier, creating peace of mind. A viatical settlement can offer terminally ill insureds financial solutions for severe financial problems.As viatical settlement brokers, our approach involves listening, then advising. Our viatical brokers have a tremendous depth of knowledge about the viatical settlement industry, and will be pleased to share with you...More About Viatical Settlements


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Life settlements and viatical settlement options can offer immediate opportunities for financial professionals and policy holders to reevaluate the life insurance components of their financial plan. We provide experienced, professional attention... More About The American Viatical Advantage

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Life Settlement INdustry News 06/20/05

Life Settlements and Real Estate Investing Cash from Life Settlements can boost real estate holdings.Many seniors do not realize that there are no restrictions on the use of their Life Settlement proceeds...

More About Premium Financing

Premium Financing. Affluent insureds can use leverage to buy life insurance using recourse and non-recourse premium financing. After two years, the coverage may be sold as a Life Settlement, or retained....

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