Life Settlements: Attorneys

DUTIES OF ATTORNEYS Many attorneys have an obligation to inform and guide their clients about Life Settlements: *Estate and Tax Planning attorneys need to evaluate all aspects of a Life Settlement, including income, capital gains, and estate tax issues. *Divorce attorneys should consider a Life Settlement as part of the final agreement. *Business Reorganization attorneys need to review executive Corporate-Owned Life Insurance policies, to determine when to pursue Life Settlements. *Attorneys advising charities and foundations should structure life insurance policy donations to accommodate Life Settlements.

Life Settlements: Questions To Be Answered

*Is there still a need for life insurance coverage on the insured today, or not? *If estate taxation is eliminated, would coverage still be required? *How much after-tax cash might the policy owner receive from a Life Settlement? *Should new coverage be sought, before transacting a Life Settlement? *What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Trust, when considering a Life Settlement? *What are the advantages for domiciling a Trust in a business and tax friendly state such as South Dakota?

Life Settlement Qualification Guidelines

If the Insured is in average to excellent health, minimum age may be 65 to 70. Those who are terminally ill may be in their 30's. Very few Funders purchase less than $100,000 of coverage. Carrier ratings must be "B" or higher.

WHY CHOOSE AMERICAN VIATICAL FOR LIFE SETTLEMENTS? We represent the policy owner, and are relentlessly effective in obtaining the highest bids from the most Funders. Our experience in financial services stretches back to 1965, and in Life Settlements to the late '90s. We are privately owned and completely independent. Our personal service includes extended hours and solid support. HOW TO GET STARTED ON A LIFE SETTLEMENT TRANSACTION To begin the appraisal process, call 877.224.2202 and let's talk. A confidential pre-application may be Emailed. We will explore every point of concern, answer questions, and send you an appropriate application with instructions.

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Life Settlement INdustry News 06/20/05

Life Settlements and Real Estate Investing Cash from Life Settlements can boost real estate holdings.Many seniors do not realize that there are no restrictions on the use of their Life Settlement proceeds...

More About Premium Financing

Premium Financing. Affluent insureds can use leverage to buy life insurance using recourse and non-recourse premium financing. After two years, the coverage may be sold as a Life Settlement, or retained....

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