The End of Premiums

The life insurance policy you own may be the answer to your cash needs. Besides providing cash, life insurance settlements relieve the policy owner of having to pay premiums. Settlements can prevent the forfeiture/lapsation of a policy and its benefits due to non-payment of premiums. The original policy owner is paid a lump sum of cash, and the institutional investor becomes the policy's beneficiary and takes over the payment of the premiums.

Senior Settlements and Life Settlements

Senior settlements, also known as Life Settlements, can give you the cash you need to live better, meet present day needs, or to achieve your most cherished goals. A Senior Settlement is the sale of a life insurance policy to a third party institutional investor for a cash settlement, based upon the True Market Value of the policy.

Secondary Markets

Both individuals and businesses can use unneeded or unwanted life insurance policies to provide liquidity, cash for the present. Insurance companies and their agents have kept quiet about the existence of this secondary market for their policies. The less you know, the less they have to pay you for your policy should you decide to redeem it. We will pay significantly more.

Your Settlement Options

As the popularity of Senior Settlements has soared, financial advisers have come to appreciate the many options that settlements provide, giving life insurance policy holders much greater flexibility. In matching policy owners who want to sell with institutional investors who want to buy, and will handle the entire transaction for you. We present your policy to qualified licensed funders for competitive bidding, to insure that you will get top dollar for your policy. We will handle the entire transaction for you.

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Life Settlement INdustry News 06/20/05

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Premium Financing. Affluent insureds can use leverage to buy life insurance using recourse and non-recourse premium financing. After two years, the coverage may be sold as a Life Settlement, or retained....

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