Life Settlements

February 4, 2005 -- $100 billion of Life Settlements should have been transacted in 2004, but the final total was less than $6 billion. The primary reason for this shortfall: not enough participation by financial, accounting and legal advisors. "Tens of thousands of policy owners are being left in the dark, because their trusted advisors are not telling them about Life Settlements and Viatical Settlements," said American Viatical President Morris Heins, who began his financial career in 1965. "We need all the players to become involved: life insurance agents, financial planners, stockbrokers, Registered Investment Advisors, CPAs, attorneys, estate planners, bankers...the list goes on and on."

Life Insurance Settlement Cases

Sometimes a good case example is all it takes to make the point. "A 60 year old executive purchased a $1 million policy from us in 1990, after our referral CPA and Attorney had reviewed his entire situation. He was starting a post-retirement business and was in very good physical and financial health. During the next ten years, sadly, he suffered atrial fibrillation, melanomas, kidney stones, prostate cancer, and gastro-intestinal stromal tumors, not to mention bankruptcy. He was nearly broke. Thanks to our Settlement involvement, in 2000 he received $176,000 for $600,000 of his coverage. This saved his home from foreclosure, restored his financial cushion, and enabled him to focus on his health. This month, now age 75, he is receiving $123,000 for the remaining $400,000 of insurance, which his wife no longer needs because of a modest inheritance. They are very pleased and grateful for our productive financial relationship. The other day, when we were completing the Funder's closing package, his wife asked, 'Where would we be if you hadn't helped us this way?' and he said, 'In a world of hurt!'

Help For Financial Advisors

"One of the primary stumbling blocks for many financial and accounting advisors who handle insurance and investments are Broker/Dealer's restrictions against Life Settlements. Some resistance stems from abuses of the 'Viatical Investment,' and American Viatical does not handle any investment products. We understand the concerns of B/Ds and will actively work to answer their questions and instruct them on the benefits of Life Settlements for their clients."

Future Advisor Tools

American Viatical will be adding additional modules to its Web site, including Premium Financing. "We have three programs at hand right now, for the client who qualifies for $5 million or more of coverage. As with all of our programs, the best way to find out more is simply to call us up."

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Life Settlement INdustry News 06/20/05

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More About Premium Financing

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